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We are overjoyed and excited to put out `Look ma, no cavities!` the 2nd – Muted Noise.
Contentual it´s most about thoughts in our minds, questions we have, decisions and problems we struggle with.
Sometimes we can`t talk or don´t want to talk about it, forced by so many different reasons. So we get no answers... and the things are still there and make your day.
Once again we recorded the songs within 2 days in May 2018 in our rehearsal room. A few weeks later we did the vocals, mixed and mastered the stuff on our own.
Maybe you pass by and stay for a while.
Thanks to Ralf & Mo for what you hear. Thanks to Afra & Mo for what you see. More thanks to Sabrina, Lewin, Jaro, Karl & Janina...AndiChrisMo


released September 27, 2018


all rights reserved



LOOK MA, NO CAVITIES! Lüneburg, Germany

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Track Name: Soliloquy

This is the consequence from all of this
from your behavior and all your fucking bullshit
now you sit there, just like a mess
and you are bawling like a baby
compassionating yourself

how did it all come to this
was it your unrest
your inner urge
your running away
the fear of standing still
or this will ever be
and is this really your life
that you´ve been trying to breath

come clean
and get well
you don´t deserve it
being locked up in this dazing hell
get up
and move on
and try to be who you want
shut up
and clear out
you don´t have any idea what this is all about
i´ll get up
and be strong
and try to be that someone who i really want
Track Name: Fat Screens
Fat screens

Give me a gun
i rob a bank
i carry the booty home
and buy me everything

plastic dreams
tons of bullshit
big, fat screens
and everything i ever wanted to be

i throw my used life away and buy me one thing new
i scratch the skin from off my bones and put new make-up on
it´s insane to feel complete
no more dreams to dream, no more things to die for
just the perfect me

how much money do i´ve to spend to make my life complete
how much money do i ´ve to spend to make you love me
how much money do i´ve to spend to cure me from a disease
and how much money do i´ve to pay death for sparing me
Track Name: Muted Noise
Muted noise

Just in case you can´t stop crying
and there are no more tears to shed
before you start digging a hole in silence
try to explain what´s in your head
everybody needs somebody
this life isn´t a one man show
it doesn´t matter wether luck or sorrows
you need someone you can talk to

whats in your mind
locked up inside
defeat your shame
life is the gain

destroy your silence
and make some noise
destroy your silence
and raise your voice
destroy your silence
and let your mind go
there are so many differences between me and you

a skyscraper with a hundred floors
a thousand people living right next door
a million problems
most unsaid
everybody needs sometimes a helping hand

all too often we act like robots
or do robots act like us
our feelings make the difference
but how much is there left of us
it is all about the money
our systems have to work
just a few space of emotions
and be sure they have to fit

listen well
we have to
listen well
to the muted noise
that is everywhere
Track Name: During Protests
During protests

This is gonna be holiday
and i will meet all my friends
to stir up your party
to destroy your peaceful dance
this is gonna be holiday
and we are well organized
and the main reason we are here
is our propensity to violence

and all of you will take notice
of the mess that we´ll leave behind
nobody will talk about the rest of you
and what´s up in your mind

your concern is our stage
to throw some fucking stones...on you
burning cars and broken bones
of some goddamn policemen

we fight fire with fire
we answer war with more war
this is nothing compared to
what the powerful people do

we destroy your talk
we suffocate the chance
we are too dumb to see
that we end up with nothing

it makes no differnce to us
´cause this is holiday
Track Name: Sick Me
Sick me

Then you knock on my door
and ask me how i feel
and i say yes i´m fine, prepared for the next deal
the last one is such a long time ago
and the pain has just fade away
i close the door and take your hand
you take me where i don´t no the ropes
often enough i went to pieces
often enough i had no hopes

destroy me and send me through hell...
i know i´ll do it again
´cause this is better than everything
seduce me, heaven and hell
sometimes there´s nothing between it
things will never turn out well

though i always let you in
i never get used to it
though i know bad things will come around
i won´t stop doing it
you close the door and take my hand
show me places where i´ve never been
often enough i hate myself
want to be somebody else

and the waves collapse above me
i´m sinking deeper to the ground
on the way back to the surface
your arms like snakes who pull me down

its me versus me
my win is my defeat
when i reach the clouds
i am the one who gets me down
it is me versus me
there are things that should not be
can i let it be.....please
Track Name: Sirens

Far too long i ignored the warnings
now i am in this too deep
red lights and the constant sirens
they killing me in my sleep
I don´t want to talk about my past
this will all change i swear
this bomb is ticking inside of me
and yes, my stomach hurts

this all has to end right now
this all has to end right now

there is no place for maybe tomorrow

i´ve been too long in this stream of confusion
i just want to get out
i´am sure where i belong to
but i don´t even know how

I have to play my fucking cards...right now
with no poker face and be honest from the start

there is no place for maybe tomorrow
Track Name: Denial Of Assistance
Denial of assistance

I´m losing my grip
i´m standing on the edge of the highest place on earth that you can ever reach
i have a deathwish
and i want to make things clear
i am pissed off
everyone can see, i´m standing on this bridge and waiting for a realease
and there is no parachute
i will crash right down in your streets

and when i come down
i will burn the whole ground
and all of you voyeurs
will die in my fires

I am a mass
of people full of rage, considerably too long just a marginal note
here come your lessons
but there will be no time left to learn
Fucking ignorance
like a worldwide disease, the knowledge about suffering is sad reality
and there are no signs
that this will ever cease

and don´t pretend to be surprised
this is an overdue act of paying the price
for your constantly proceeding of how you live your lifes
Track Name: Watershed

All my life i run through open doors
the closed ones i avoid ´cause i´m afraid of myself
i was told there is only right or wrong
and emotions have to be controlled and can´t be this strong

but that is wrong
they force me to turn one day a key
and suddenly i see there is so much more in me

something new, something different
sometimes far beyond my systems
and hell it´s like a drug
now i can´t get enough

i put my masks aside
this is my only ride
life isn´t that straight at all
here comes the waterfall

there is more than right or wrong
feelings can be so strong
life never stays the same
sometimes you have to go against the grain
Track Name: Futile

Fuck the details, fuck the entire dream
forget the way as far as there, forget the point you want to leave

fight the fight against the ultimate star
deep in yourself, you know who you are

cut the tickets, everything will happen here
and just don´t think about it now, things aren´t cut out for you to achieve

you know who you are
Track Name: Growing Natures
Growing natures ( along the floor )

When i look into these eyes
i can see almost myself
the years have run away
try to keep it all in mind
i can hardly stand
all the emotions deep inside
and when i focus them
it is like a sadly goodbye

day by day
something new
it is so untold
to see you growing
night by night
laying down
along the floor
some growing natures

pictures can´t replace moments
it is the nearness that makes me gasp
and all the questions that you ask
confront me with my biggest task

day by day
crawling near
i can´t deny
feelings of fear
night by night
just thinking of
how could you make it all better
while i can´t

i hope i will last out …....for you
and don´t be insufficient ….....for you

i hope things turn out all right.......for you
cause thing´s will bid defiance … you
Track Name: Everyday Life
Everyday life

When the day is past
are you satisfied
with what you have done
or can´t you sleep at night
too many expectations
far too little time
and the clock runs faster
when you feel alive

do you have the guts
do you have ideas
do you want to fill the void
and can you ignore your fears

when a week has passed
how much is routine
are you running in circles
or have you time to break
so many things to do
and this is how your life goes
it all belongs to you
but are you happy or are you blue

is it far too late
is there space to breath
can you talk about it
or are there any secrets
the more you think about it
so much the better to do
when you deny your feelings
there is so much to loose

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