Weary Head


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Music, music, music....how would be life without music?
Out of love for music, we decided to form a new band in October 2016.
And it is not about what kind of music it is but how music is played and interpreted.
In every music genre there are many bands which impress us, records which follow us over a long time and outputs we are looking forward to keep in our hands.
It´s about the magic, the atmosphere or the kind of how music conveys emotional conditions.
Inspired by many bands we try exactly to do this with - Look Ma, no cavities! - .
Try to put emotional music most directly to tape.
By now our music is based on hardcore, screamo and punk rock music, I guess.
So, if you are interested now check this out and perhaps get infected.

We recorded the album live within two days in our rehearsal room and mixed and mastered the stuff a few weeks later on our own.


released August 27, 2017


all rights reserved



LOOK MA, NO CAVITIES! Lüneburg, Germany

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Track Name: Paralyzed

paralyzed i cannot see
all the beauty surrounding me
fears and doubts controlling me
and i´m crawling on my knees

walking down this unknown path
all the good things fade away
try to be as good as i can
but i don´t know if i can stand
Track Name: Dead To The World
Dead to the world

when everything is lost
we come out of our backings
and take a closer look
we were so engaged with ourselves
counting money, reaching for the stars
but now we are wide awake
you need a helping hand
we need some hands to help
to ease our guilty conscience
to create gainfully deals

here comes the ambulance
the warships and the tanks
the crisis management
prepared for everything
here are the bills to pay
here our receivables
a brand new agenda
out of place for you

we have more then enough
but we are never fed up
your misery and loss
is daily buisness to us
we are dead to the world
we don´t want to awake
our heads in the clouds
never want to come down
how much is enough
are we ever fed up
Track Name: Bad Weather
Bad weather

Cut these black clouds out of my head
they remind me of some times in the past
and it feels like someones hands around my neck
all these fears I know so well
and I thought that they will go away
but now sitting here in this never ending rain

and this won´t fade away
some things will never change
these thoughts and memories
they always follow me

and these feelings come alive
and these feelings come alive
all the demons have survived
and all the drinks just tell me lies

colour these black clouds
Track Name: A Gift
A gift

This is a one way ticket
maybe the one way down
but everything is better
than stuck in this moment
wearing a constant frown
the air is getting thin and walls come crashing down
I`m becoming my worst enemy
and time is running out
tick tack

fucking bliss to be
I need a recipe
I go to pharmacy
I want my recipe
fucking gift to be
I need my recipe
and I want it here and now

fucking bliss to be, I need a recipe, my life is dripping throught my fingers and this shouldn´t be
I need some answers now, to help me out
cause I´m still wearing this ruddy frown
Track Name: Acid Test
Acid test

It is almost predictable
the moment you fail will surely come
racking your brain is not worth worrying about
in the end you hit the ground

you can clear your head
you create a masterplan
and nobody is to blame
everything will be the same

and you feel bad, something is wrong,
with all these feelings in your head you can´t move on
you can´t change the body
you can´t change your mind
surely future will bring the next try
you pool your strenghts, untie the ropes
next time it is for sure that there will be so much more,
self-confidence, strong mindedness,
the ability to change something,
and forget about the rest
Track Name: Weary Head
Weary head

Can you protect yourself from everything
is there confusion you are involved in
sometimes life is just a sin
and you act like a puppet on a string

when your emotions are beyond control
tomorrow is something you don´t know
and your mirror shows a foreign one
who you never expected to be

prove yourself....don´t get lost
cause things will haunt you
this will destroy you
prove yourself....note the cost
cause in bad dreams you might get lost

frustration, is that you´re in
discontent is a problem
put it all back to zero....is that your aim

please take my hand and show me some peace
take me to a place where i can rest my weary head
Track Name: Shitstorm

I´ve always known this day would come
sitting on this desk, write a song about the fascists in this land
you´re growing like a cruel disease,
and the beauty in the chorus tries to compensate the shit I´m about to sing

All you fuckers come along now in the streets
you´re like no others
kick your swastikas in your teeth
All you fuckers come along now down the streets
and all your braindead followers
this is an attitude and no protest

I thought this would be very hard
to find words describing you without the whole backround in history
but now I´m surprised,
at least in took me 15 minutes and the chorus contains the word that I have found
Track Name: Hideaway

I wake up at the break of day
still its dark in my room
put my face in my flatscreen
to bask in my sun

stay away from the front door
I expect noone
and when the bell is still ringing
I´ll be under my headphones

all my friends in the web, they all make party and dance
all my friends in the web, go out and make someone laugh

stepping out on the streets, to search for something to eat, all these faces i can see, its like a fucking disease
please don´t talk to me, leave me only be, its hard enough for me to see you´re real and not on tv

close the doors just to be alive
turn the keys not to see inside
no one knows that I´m alive
and no one cares if I die
Track Name: Someone Somewhere
Someone somewhere

To hell with good intentions
fuck all my promises
and all about our future plans
it´s all just a fucking mess
stop encouraging me
please let me only bleed
and thank you for your interest
it is just killing me

this all makes no sense
this all has to end
and there are no more reasons
for one last phoney dance

way too often I don´t want to be me
I want to be someone else
way too often I don´t want to be here
I want to be somewhere else
Track Name: Under Frozen Ground
Under frozen ground

I don´t want to talk cause i´m afraid to tell the truth
I don´t want to talk cause I´m afraid to disapoint you
and then I run away and leave you alone
living with me is like living with a fucking stone

writing poems for you is such a long time ago
my behavior shows me someone who I don´t know
and the distance grows between me and you
and our so called paradies is going to explode

I have lost the key to your heart
you don´t want me to find it
awkward silence,
no more questions, please

reset key cannot be found
heartbeats without a sound
love under frozen ground
dig it out...............now
Track Name: Keep Breathing
Keep breathing

When the mist is gone
and you realize what went wrong
it is almost far too late
time is never a fake
you have to live with youre mistakes
only death will release you from

sometimes the feeling grows
and leaves cancer on your soul
a daily taste of your fault
and you can´t run away
life will never be the same
and the future turns to grey

breathing in / breathing out
breathing in / swallow down

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